Tuesday 22 June 2010

1Atmospheric dynamics: measurements

Conveners: S. Limaye and T. Imamura 1

9:00-9:05 Poster presentation

Zonal thermal winds in Venus mesosphere derived from Venus Express temperature soundings
Piccialli, D. V. Titov, S. Tellmann, A. Migliorini, P. Read, D. Grassi, M. Pätzold, B. Häusler, G. Piccioni, and P. Drossart

9:05-9:25 The nitric oxide Venus night airglow: SPICAV observations and implications on transport in the lower thermosphere
J.-C. Gérard, C. Cox and J.-L. Bertaux
03-02_Gerard.pdf (pdf - 60.1 kb)

9:25-9:45 Temporal and spatial variability of Venus winds at cloud level from VIRTIS during the Venus Express mission
R. Hueso, J. Peralta and A. Sánchez-Lavega
03-03_Hueso.pdf (pdf - 11.2 kb)

9:45-10:05 South polar dynamics of the Venusian atmosphere from VIRTIS/Venus Express mapping in the thermal range
D. Luz, D. Berry, J. Peralta, L. Duarte, A. Furtado, P. Drossart, G. Piccioni and the Venus Express Team
03-04_Luz.pdf (pdf - 13.4 kb)

10:05-10:35 Venus Atmospheric Circulation: Challenges in Observations and Understanding
P. Read and S. Limaye
03-05_Read_Limaye_inv.pdf (pdf - 56.8 kb)

10:35-11:05 Coffee break

11:05-11:25 Cloud top winds from the VMC images
I.Khatuntsev, M. Patsaeva, N. Ignatiev, D. Titov, W. Markiewicz and A.Turin
03-06_Khatuntsev.pdf (pdf - 5.1 kb)

11:25-11:55 The many faces of the Venus’ polar vortex
G. Piccioni, R. Politi, P. Drossart and the VIRTIS-Venus Express Team
03-07_Piccioni.pdf (pdf - 61.3 kb)

11:55-12:25 Discussion

12:30 Lunch

1Atmospheric dynamics: modelling

Conveners: P. Read and S. Lebonnois 1

14:00-14:30 Modeling the Dynamics of the Venus Atmosphere; Past, Present, and Future (invited)
G. Schubert
04-01_Schubert_inv.pdf (pdf - 54 kb)

14:30-14:50 Barotropic instability of planetary polar vortices: laboratory analogues of Venus’s polar ‘dipole’?
P.L. Read, L. Montabone, R. Wordsworth, A. Aguiar, T. Jacoby, T. McClimans, I. Ellingsen, A. Castrejon-Pita, L. Gostiaux, J. Sommeria, S. Viboud, H. Didelle, and M. Manfrin
04-02_Read.pdf (pdf - 84.2 kb)

14:50-15:20 Application of GCM to the Venus middle atmosphere dynamics (invited)
M. Yamamoto and M. Takahashi
04-03_Yamamoto_inv.pdf (pdf - 8.6 kb)

15:20-15:40 The LMD Venus General Circulation Model: Improvements and Questions
S. Lebonnois, F. Hourdin, F. Forget, V. Eymet and R. Fournier
04-04_Lebonnois.pdf (pdf - 6.7 kb)

15:40-16:10 Coffee break

16:10-16:30 Non-hydrostatic general circulation model of the Venus atmosphere
A.V.Rodin, I.V. Mingalev, K.G.Orlov, and N.I.Ignatiev
04-05_Rodin.pdf (pdf - 8.3 kb)

16:30-16:50 Progress in modeling global dynamics of Venus’ mesosphere and thermosphere
S. Tingle, I. Mueller-Wodarg
04-06_Tingle.pdf (pdf - 6.9 kb)

16:50-16:55 Poster presentation

Mean meridional circulation in the Venus lower atmosphere simulated by a GCM with a new radiative transfer model for the Venus atmosphere
M. Takagi and Y. Matsuda
04-07_Takagi_poster.pdf (pdf - 6.2 kb)

16:55-17:25 Discussion

117:45-19:15 Poster session 1

Climatology of the Venus upper haze as measured by SOIR on board Venus Express
S. Robert, V. Wilquet, A. Mahieux, R. Drummond, A.C Vandaele and J.-L. Bertaux

Venus’s Ultraviolet Absorber and Sulfuric Acid Droplets R. W. Carlson SO2 measurements using SPICAV-UV in nadir mode
E. Marcq, F. Montmessin, D. Belyaev, J.L. Bertaux and A. Fedorova

Photochemical Distribution of Venusian Sulfur and Halogen Species
C. D. Parkinson, F. Mills, A. Brecht, S. W. Bougher, and Y. L. Yung

Zonal thermal winds in Venus mesosphere derived from Venus Express temperature soundings
Piccialli, D. V. Titov, S. Tellmann, A. Migliorini, P. Read, D. Grassi, M. Pätzold, B. Häusler, G. Piccioni, and P. Drossart

Analysing Chemical Pathways in Planetary Atmospheres
J. L. Grenfell, J. Stock R. Lehmann and H. Rauer

More evidence (or lack thereof) of planetary-scale waves manifested in Venus’ lower and middle cloud decks
E. Young and M. Bullock

Characterizing the Venus atmospheric dynamics from ground-based Doppler velocimetry
P. Machado, T. Widemann, D. Luz

Spatially-Resolved High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Venus : Variations of CO2, CO, HF, HCl, HDO, OCS, and SO2 at the Cloud Tops, OH and O2 Nightglow
V. Krasnopolsky

Ground-based observations by Japanese observers
S. Ohtsuki, N. Iwagami and K. Mitsuyama

Energy transfer rates between CO2 vibrational states. Lessons from atmospheric measurements at 4.3-um by Virtis/Vex
M. A. López-Valverde, G.Gilli , M. López-Puertas , J. Peralta , P. Drossart , and G. Piccioni

Near-Infrared Optical Constants of Sulfuric Acid
R.W. Carlson and M.S. Anderson

A novel approach for Limb Darkening Correction on Venus nightside NIR spectrum : results and implications
A. Longobardo, E. Palomba, A. Zinzi, G. Piccioni, P. Drossart and the VIRTIS-VeX Team

Radiative transfer of the oxygen 130 nm triplet in the atmosphere of Mars and Venus
M. Barthelemy G. Gronoff, J. Lilensten, C. Simon

New Radiative Transfer Code in the Oxford Venus GCM
J. Mendonca, P. L. Read and S. R. Lewis

Structure of polar upper atmosphere of Venus as measured by the Venus Express Atmospheric Drag Experiment (VExADE)
I. Mueller-Wodarg, P. Rosenblatt, S. Bruinsma, H. Svedhem

Influence of CO2 line profiles on radiative and radiative-convective equilibrium states of the Venus lower atmosphere.
M. Takagi, K. Suzuki, H. Sagawa, P. Baron, J. Mendrok, Y. Kasai, and Y. Matsuda

The Venus OH Nightglow Distribution
L. Soret , J.-C. Gérard, G. Piccioni and P. Drossart

Oxygen dayglow on Venus: consequences of the upper limit from the VIRTIS-Venus Express observations
A. Migliorini, G. Piccioni, P. Drossart, and the VIRTIS-Venus Express team

Modelling of the Nitric Oxide Emission Observed by SPICAV in Stellar Occultation Mode
E. Royer, F. Montmessin, J-L. Bertaux and E. Marcq

Calibration of the neutral thermosphere of Venus with Venus Express ionosphere measurement
O. Witasse, P.-L. Blelly, M. Helou, M. Pätzold, S. Tellmann, B. Hausler, A.-C. Vandaele, W. Wilquet, A. Mahieux, R. Drummond, E. Villard, F. Montmessin, J.- L. Bertaux, S. Remus and H. Svedhem

Electron observations from Venus Express
D. A. Brain

The Case for InSAR at Venus
R . Ghail, P. Mason and C. G. Cochrane

SPOSH-V: An optical detector assembly for detecting meteors in the Venusian night side atmosphere from orbit
A. Christou, J. Oberst, J. Flohrer, S. Elgner, D. Koschny, A. Margonis, J. P. McAuliffe

SeaBIRD–An infrastructure for the selection and manipulation of the VIRTIS-VEX data
R. Politi, G. Piccioni