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International Venus Conference,
Aussois 2010

After the Moriond Conference on Venus Express in 2007 and 2008, this third Venus Conference centred on the results of Venus Express, opened to results from other investigations, and comparative planetology will take place in the small village of Aussois in the Alps. The program will cover most of the aspects dedicated to Venus science from the formation and evolution of Venus to the physics of exoplanets.

The conference is open to participants from the world wide planetary community. It is recommended that participants come for the full week of the conference as many sessions are linked and the discussion in/after each session will be interdisciplinary. The number of participants is limited to 120. We therefore kindly ask potential participants to pre-register early to allow us to better plan for the week.

Deadline for submitting abstracts was April 6th, 2010. For late submission, send an email to the scientific contact below.

Meeting photo

Organizing committee

The organizing committee is :

  • Håkan Svedhem
  • Dmitri Titov
  • David Grinspoon
  • Fred Taylor
  • Pierre Drossart
  • Sanjay Limaye
  • Kevin Baines
  • Sushil Atreya
  • Bruno Bézard
  • Robert Carlson
  • Eric Chassefiere
  • Jörn Helbert
  • Takeshi Imamura
  • Natasha Johnson
  • Sebastien Lebonnois
  • Ingo Mueller-Wodarg
  • Andrew Nagy
  • Shoko Ohtsuki
  • Heike Rauer
  • Peter Read
  • Takehiko Satoh
  • Sue Smrekar
  • Marcel Snels
  • Christophe Sotin
  • Thomas Widemann
  • Olivier Witasse
  • Tielong Zhang

Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers (confirmed) include:

  • J.-L. Bertaux
  • S. Bougher
  • D. Brain
  • A. Campargue
  • T. Clancy
  • L. Esposito
  • T. Kostiuk
  • V. Krasnopolsky
  • C. Lee
  • F. Montmessin
  • M. Pätzold
  • P. Read
  • A. Rodin
  • G. Schubert
  • S. Smrekar
  • S. Tellmann
  • A. Treiman
  • M. Yamamoto
  • R. Weiler
  • T. Widemann
  • C. Wilson


Scientific contact Pierre Drossart

Webmaster Florence Henry